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If you are looking for an innovative way to promote your products, services, your company needs an expert in the video presentation.
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Why use a video editor to make yourself known?

Increase in the conversion rate of a product if accompanied by animation
Email opening increases
Increased use of video animations in the last year
Companies that have benefited from the use of video animation

If you are looking for an innovative way to promote your products, services, business
What you need is an expert in video presentations, video scribe, video
able to offer you a high level of service that will allow you to create a successful video presentation.
We can help you!

Your Videoscribe as a marketing tool

An animated presentation is a method dynamic and interactive to present your product with the use of motion, text, video, music and images. Thanks to its simplicity, it is easier to learn from the majority of the public. Unlike posters and brochures, animated videos are not static – involve viewers with their whimsical charm, their dynamism, their ability to simplify concepts.
Nowadays, the public is accustomed to multimedia content that combines sounds, colours, images and concepts. Written and static photos have lost the ability to attract and maintain attention. Videos have also made audiences addicted, due to the massive use of advertising messages. For these reasons, the system of promoting a brand that is proving to be the most successful is the animated presentation.


Animated presentations have proved to be the most effective way of conveying concepts and making a company brand memorable. Data is rapidly revolutionising the overseas marketplace. As a result, the Internet is full of offers that mimic the impressive possibilities of a successful video presentation. However, they lack professionalism and are ineffective. When an animated presentation is used, it must be of good quality.
As for the process, it’s about creating animated writing, moving images, high-performance content online and that can make any concept creative. Create whiteboard animation to offer quality to your customers.

The superiority of a video scribe


The use of a videoscribe is recommended to companies because, according to recent studies, people who store information received through whiteboard animation are encouraged to stay and listen to the rest of the speech, and therefore are more likely to buy. As a video editor, we take care of the smallest details, develop Web and Web Site services as well as corporate video presentations, and focus on making it all possible by using one of the most effective types of video animations: le whiteboard animation!

Our speciality: the Video Presentation!

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We have only recently started using video presentations and thanks to these we have multiplied the conversion rate in a very short time. For us, they are an excellent tool for communicating directly and clearly.

vale - Your Videoscribe HomeValentina Sofia, Sunmaster

Thank you for your professionalism and good work, we will update as soon as possible for a second video animation.

Daniele Abenavoli

We needed to increase the effectiveness of our corporate communication. Looking on the internet I liked the video of presentazione Kindness and courtesy of the staff, added to an excellent value for money ratio were the perfect mix we were looking for. We are fully satisfied with the video.

We are a startup and needed to make a video to promote our app.
We wanted to make others understand how useful our app could be and also what it didn’t do to avoid being contacted by people not interesting to us.
Thanks to the good offer we had no hesitation working with PresentazioneAnimatata. it. The video was delivered on schedule and now we have a perfect video for our marketing.
Thank you again for what you have done.

LogoBW - Your Videoscribe HomeA.Sharma, Brifway

We were looking for a way to attract our potential customers more interactively than classic videos.
Your video animations are very professional and manage to convey a sense of curiosity that allows you to convey all our message to customers and make sure that if they remember it over time, you’re right in the right way!

For the launch of our startup, we needed to make a video to explain our service in 90 seconds.
Looking on the internet we have found several possibilities. But only PresentazioneAnimata. it gave us the technical telephone support we needed. They have made all the required changes and now we are very satisfied with the video. A highly professional product, definitely worth more than what we paid for

Nexcode - Your Videoscribe HomeAntonio Cimmino, Nexcod
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Some examples of whiteboard video scribe

The Video Presentation (Whiteboard Animation) uses the famously animated writing method on the board to illustrate products, services or give visibility to a brand. At this moment is one of the most famous types of video scribe because not only is it simple and professional, but it also produces a greater interest in viewers, avoids high bounce rate on a Site, increases conversions, implements loyalty. Creating an adequate, high-quality presentation increases the viralisation of content and brand awareness. All studies have shown that this method achieves better results than any other method. In addition, the video presentation is lightweight, easy to share on social media, and viralizes easily.

Since it is more engaging than other types of animated presentations, the audience is more likely to finish the entire animated video. This makes it much easier to explain the complexity of your products or services. The way whiteboard animation is reproduced makes your users curious about the product, which will lead them to find out more about the service.

Through the use of professional Whiteboard Animations, created by business video production experts, not only will you get more audiences and customers, but your marketing will reach a new level unknown to many.

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