The animated presentation, or whiteboard video in English, has been a great success and has become one of the most popular online marketing tools worldwide. Italy is no exception. Many companies based in Italy firmly believe in the potential of video marketing, especially video animation.

Boom of Animated Presentations in ItalyAre you new to the concept of video marketing? Don’t worry! In this article, you will find the basic notions you need to know about animated presentations. You’ll also find out why it has been so successful in today’s marketing world.

Animated Presentation:

two words more and more on everyone’s lips

The animated presentation is presented as a suggestive video that uses a narrator or a speaker who shows the illustrations as if on a blackboard. Static images tell the story in stop-motion style. Abroad it is also known as Whiteboard animation or Video Scribing also literally scribble animated. It is an effective online marketing tool because it can explain complex ideas in a simple and comprehensible way. In this way, graphics and images are processed quickly by consumers.

Using the illustrations for your message will not only save you time. You will benefit from all the marketing benefits of this type of video. According to a study conducted by eLearningIndustry. com, teaching staff now use 15% more teaching tools with videos than pure text. Videos and animation not only attract attention, they are also in great measure to keep it for a longer period of time. That’s why videos are successful marketing tools. People like to look more than read. And when people have fun, they do better.

What made the success of this new instrument possible?

The animated presentation or the concept of using images for communication is much older than you think. Our ancestors drew on the walls of the caves to communicate with each other and tell stories. This practice has been carried out by television and films, who have used the images to create an animation that tells stories and transmits messages. Despite the fact that just a few years ago, the American Postal Service decided to sponsor itself with whiteboard videos known in Italy as animated presentations.

An animated presentation for the success of your company

Animated Presentation is the most important and effective tool available to your company to capture customer attention and increase sales. You might fear that an animated presentation is expensive, but it’s not always true! There are many professional video editors – such as YourVideoScribe – that offer cost-effective solutions and faster return on investment.

Are you not yet convinced? Here are some of the reasons that will convince you to try an animated presentation to promote your company.

Boom of Animated Presentations in Italy• There are 4 times more consumers who prefer to watch a video than reading product information. With an animated presentation, you can reach out to more potential customers;

• The animated presentation is simple, but it can leave a lasting memory for consumers. People or potential customers are more likely to remember images than text;

• It is a multi-sensorial and multi-function medium in which it is worth investing. Since it involves the senses, an animated presentation can hit and attract the attention of consumers. The more intriguing our customer is the greater the possibility that he decides to buy our products;

• The animated presentation is an excellent marketing strategy. You can get the maximum result with your videos also because they have a high chance of becoming viral thanks to social media, reaching thousands of consumers in a short period of time.

Our team specializes in animated presentations and has the experience and skills to help you create a great professional video whiteboard for your company or to promote your brand.