They told you that video marketing was the best choice to improve your business strategy? True, very true! However, you must also know how to use this powerful tool with intelligence and art. Only in this way, you will enjoy all the benefits of your business project.

video marketing

Video Marketing: Let Us Be Clear

Every time we at get involved in a new project, the first important step is always to help businessmen focus on their real needs. Often they were fascinated by a good video and would like a replica of it, or maybe they are confused: they want to make a video animation because they know its potential, but do not know what to communicate. The motivation is always the same: they often focus on the video but not on the strategy.

video marketing

This is when we come into the picture. Being a video marketing professional doesn’t mean making beautiful animations which for their own sake. We have to help you bring home the result you want.

1. Identify a Target

A To whom is the video you want to make dedicated? An audience of professionals, families, young people, the big companies? Targeting a general audience may seem like the best choice, so as to intercept a wider audience. This type of strategy, however, brings little results: each user has specific needs and problems, as well as needing a specific type of style and tone of voice.

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Identify the market segment you want to attack and focus all your efforts in that direction.

2. Describe The Benefits

The second step is to focus on the main points that can leverage the needs of your audience. If you want people to perceive you as effective, you will have to tell about the solutions, innovations and tools that you can guarantee. Outline the main features of your product or service, and the specific issues you want to address.

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Your animated video will leverage those needs, proposing the ideal solution and presenting it in a clear, original and effective way.

3. Point Straight To The Objective

Now you know your ideal customer, his needs and problems. You have outlined the solutions and features that can fully meet these needs. But what should your audience do once they understand all the benefits that you offer? It is the moment of the “call to action”, the invitation to action that distinguishes every well done strategic plan. Do you want your customers to contact you by email or phone? Will they have to download a brochure, fill out a form, request a quote or subscribe to a newsletter?

video marketing

If you want a video that is really effective and strikes, identify the target and aim accurately!

4. Stay Up To Date

Market evolves, and it does so very quickly. Trends are changing, innovations are chasing after each other every day and tastes are changing rapidly. Video marketing technologies are also constantly being updated, bringing new ideas and techniques to light. It is estimated that in 2019 about 80% of online activities will be related to video, a new frontier of communication. Remaining behind is not only risky but also counterproductive

video marketing
video marketing

But how can a businessman like you follow all the web updates? It’s unthinkable to keep up with social media, artificial intelligence and video marketing if you need to carry out the company! This is exactly that extra advice we want to give you: rely on professionals. Doing everything by yourself, as well as giving your communication in the hands of “all-rounder of the web” means wasting money, time and energy. And then we have to redouble our efforts to repair the damage.

Give your business the attention it deserves, and only then can it deliver the results you want.