To make him known, a brand has to tell its own storyin a clear and atractive way. Public needs to feel close to the company and to his values to trust it. Branding must aim at this goal, and video presentations offer a great help in building the relationship oftrust.

Sorytelling has become the most suitable instrument to present a world made of characters, values, problems and solutions. If the narrative goes through the video format, then it expresses its maximum potential.

Among the marketing changing factors in the last years, two have a particulary importance: the success of storytelling and the unstoppable growth of video content.
For branding, the process of valorisation and communication of a brand identity and uniqueness, rules are the same.

Nike and all the others: high level branding examples

David Ogilvy, one of the fathers of contemporary marketing, defined brand as “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes”. It embrace a world made of company name, values, hystory and image. Building your brand meanstransmitting a philosophy and style.

Think about big clothing brands like Nike, or Patagonia or North Face. Their communication do not simple present products. They tell amazing inspirating stories and transmit universal values that go behind mere corporate communication. They are perfect examples of company that have built a very high level branding. They have understood the importance of the video in promoting their identity, even before than their products.

Videos for Branding

To be highly effective communicators it’s not essential to have a huge budget like Nike has. It surely helps, but it is more important to have a clear idea of what you want to tell and how.Like corporate identity or brand guideline, a video presentation is an excellent tool to add in your branding strategy.

Video market, primarily on the web, is experiencing continuous and unstoppable growth. With the increase in connection speed, the use of video from mobile devices is expected to increase, as well as advertising investment in video formats for mobile phones. People love to watch moving images. Human minds can process images thousands of times faster than text, and videos can hit the emotional sphere much more easily.

Count on video presentations

Animated videos have a great advantage: to gather more elements than traditional videos. Personalized drawings, graphic elements, animations and voice over combine to create an even more powerful and convincing message.
With the right knowledge and tools you can capture the audience to portray your identity. By telling the story and the passion behind your brand, you will be able to speak to the head and to the heart of people. This is the spirit of perfect branding – involving and inspiring.

With a video presentation you will not only achieve your target. If you show off a capturing content, it will go viral on all social networks and it will reach people you don’t know and who don’t know you yet.Your Videoscribe will help you creating the best contents for your brand. Contact us now to discover more!