Today I would like to give you five precious tips about planning your videomarketing strategy through YouTube.
In the past, television was the only mean to transmit audiovisual messages. Today things really changed. Every day we are bombarded by a greater and greater variety of means of communication..

Eppure i video continuano a riscuotere grande successo. Yet, videos continue with success. This is because visual message areeasier, more interesting and stimulating. But just in case you can make original videos that stand out from the crowd!

Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati

Do you want to succeed Learn how to be a PERSON OF INTEREST!!

If you want your users to see your video, you have first to find out their needs and their doubts and give practical and punctual questions.

Here are some practical tips for you!

First tip:
The content is the most important element. Always think about valuable message!

Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati
Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati

Second tip:
Always make sure that your video will be shared.
There are so many techniques to convince your viewers to spread your messages. But the more effective method is to create emotional contents,that make you cry, laugh or impress. Involving users by leveraging their emotions will make them share videos!

Third tip:
Learn how to attract attention in the first five seconds.
Only few seconds are enough for viewers to decide whether you deserve their attention or not!

Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati
Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati

Let’s get to the fourth tip:
Don’t try to be viral, but develop a sustainable strategy that guarantee excellent results during time,and not only a short moment of success!
Create a strategy and a content plan that can support and fully develop your business!

Fifth and last tip:
Don’t forget to control always the results achieved having a look at the Analytics of YouTube!
In this way you will find out easily what and where you can improve!

Video Public Speaking di Chiara Alzati