On June 2, 2019, for the first time in its history, Google announced a new major update of its algorithm. The Core Update had some major implications in search results, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, but it is not clear yet which elements are most affected by this change.

new Google algorithm

What is sure is that Google keeps rewarding high quality content and videos have a privileged place in the consideration of the algorithm.

What changed the update?

Google’s algorithm changes every day. Every now and then the Mountain View giant makes some of the most important updates – the last one was last March – and informs the billions of users only after things are done. The Core Update of this June has the unique feature of being pre-announced on Twitter. It’s precisely this premonitory tweet that has panicked the SEO professionals: if Google has considered it necessary to warn everyone about the upcoming news, it must be something really important!

new Google algorithm

You never know the details of the updates, but experts can see the effects in just a few days. Some sites have experienced significant declines in search results and the effects of the update are yet to be felt in all countries.

new Google algorithm

In the days immediately following the update, Big G announced another important new feature, site diversity change. For each search, up to two results per domain will be shown on the first page, while any other occurrences on the same domain will be shown on the following pages. In this way, Google wants to show a greater variety of domains in the main results.

All this, as always, has a single purpose: to reward content of value.

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Videos resist updates

Google has long since decided to reward quality. In August 2018 EAT algorithm was launched: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Sites that provide quality, reliable and useful information are “caught” first by the search engine.

One element that is too often overlooked is the leading role that videos play when it comes to quality content. Videos have an increasing incidence on marketing strategies. Google knows this and for this very reason it tends to reward movies.

Do you know that with a video you have a 53 times greater chance of ending up on the first page of search results than with a text?

It must be optimized content, so it is very important to work on SEO. It can be useful to review the ways to optimize a YouTube video: pay attention to the keywords, choose well title, description and preview image and insert subtitles or overprinted writings. These are small details that help search engines a lot!

With quality video content, you’ll always be protected from Google’s algorithm updates and continue to be easily found by your audience. An animated video created especially for your business will make you stand out on the market, even after the last update in June. If you are looking for an original way to fly your business, contact us today!

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