Being creative… Finding effective solutions quickly… Developing your memory…
How many times have you dreamed of maximizing your cognitive abilities?

If you are looking for a universal tool to support you in the most different situations, rely on the extraordinary expertise of Tony Buzan and his mind maps.
Psychologist, training consultant and famous author of English origin, Tony Buzan became famous for having brought life and depth to mind maps, the existence of which was known even during Leonardo Da Vinci’s time.

In this guide full of precious information Tony Buzan reaps the awards of over fifty years of studies on the mechanisms that regulate memory and learning.

Tony Buzan
Mind Map

Mind maps, sure enough, are concrete tools that leverage the neural networks of the brain, and aim to create hierarchical connections between concepts and keywords, by joining them together with graphic ramifications.

But what are mind maps for? Their efficacy is truly universal!

They will help you to fully develop a thought or a project
to solve complicated situations of all kinds, from couple discussions to problems at work
and, more generally, to think better, in an organized and detailed way.

In his book “Mind Map Mastery” Tony Buzan will provide you with a series of practical exercises to train your mind, many illustrated techniques to learn how to use this tool well and many stories of professionals who have successfully exploited the benefits of mind maps.

You’ll find out what they are, how to draw them, how to find the right solutions and all the main fields of application of this method.

La legge delle Mappe Mentali Ebook Gratis - Mind Map Mastery by Tony Buzan

If you want to learn how to fully exploit the great potential of the human mind, don’t miss out on this exciting reading: it will change forever your way of thinking!

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