>To build a really effective social strategy you can’t do without focusing on videos.Videos represent, in fact, the most appreciated and shared content on social networks.
Video marketing is the safest way to reach your audience, and there will be more and more space for videos and animated presentations.

Video Marketing YouTube

With the new ultra-fast connections, video content can be viewed at any time and in high definition. Major social platforms have predicted expansion in video production and sharing and are adapting to this trend.

Video Facebook

Facebook in particular seems likely to give more and more space to these contents in its users’ timeline. It confirms this with the latest update of its algorithm.

A even higher profile for videos on Facebook

Facebook chooses which updates to show you according to a constantly updated algorithm. The dream of anyone working with social networks is being able to understand all its mechanisms. Details remain secret, but Mark Zuckerberg’s company sometimes publishes information about latest news.

Last May 6th a new algorithm update was announced. It will aim to give more visibility to video contents published on Facebook. Menlo Park social network has announced that it wants to help video makers find the right audience, through the evaluation of three details.

1. Loyalty and intention

More relevance will be given to the videos that the public watches several times over time. Therefore, it will no longer only matter the immediate success in the number of views but also the ability to get the public back to see the video.

2. Video and views duration

Facebook had already informed its users of the importance of capturing attention for at least 60 seconds. With the update will be given even more emphasis to the most appreciated videos, especially for their contents, with a total duration of at least three minutes.

3. Originality

This is one of the most important elements for Facebook. In 2018 started the limitation of non-original content or content reused from other sources. Now a further tightening on its distribution and monetization possibilities will be made.

These three contributions, which follow principles that Facebook has adopted for years, will help, at least in their intentions, the distribution and visibility of quality video contents. From now on you will have to tell even more engaging stories, with a duration between one and three minutes, as well as creative and original contents.
Want to achieve all three goals? Use video animations.

Choose animated videos, also on Facebook

With the Facebook algorithm that gives more and more importance to videos you can no longer postpone: it’s time to think about asocial videomarketing strategy for your business.

Video communication is the perfect tool to give a strong boost to your business. Even before Facebook update, the visibility of this type of content was traveling on a fast lane on social media, and in the coming months will have even more space.

We have already seen the great impact of video presentations on the audience. With their ability to combine video, animation and infographics, video presentations are perfect for web communication andwill become even more effective in reaching the audience with new Facebook algorithm.

If you are looking for the right way to organize your presence on Facebook contact us, we will work together to prepare your video animations!