Animated Video Prices

With Your Videoscribe you have at your disposal an innovative service very popular in the United States: the animated video presentation (Whiteboard Animation).

An animated video presentation is a dynamic and interactive method of presenting your product with the use of movement, text, video, music and images. Thanks to its simplicity, the majority of the public finds it easier to learn from. Unlike posters and brochures, animated videos are not static – they involve viewers with their whimsical charm, dynamism and ability to simplify concepts. Ask us our Video Prices!

Video Prices
Video Prices

With our help, create a whiteboard animation to offer your customers quality and make your products or services known with a simple and attractive animated video. It is statistically proven that video animations are more effective in attracting attention than other forms of video or written communication.

Not just video animations!
We are experts in video animations made with the video whiteboarding technique, but we can also provide other products such as classic cartoon animation.

An animated video captures attention,
explains better and sells more!

Video Prices

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