Risorse per Presentazioni Video

In questa pagina PresentazioneAnimata.it raccoglie tutti gli risorse per presentazioni video che abbiamo valutato di effettivo valore professionale.

Videoscribe & Tawe

Risorse per Presentazioni Video

In this website you can find two efficient resources for video presentations: Videoscribe and Tawe.
Thanks to Videoscribe, you can create videos with professional HD resolution and quickly share them through the website.
You don’t like the logo? Change it at all times! In addition, you can work offline and export your work in any format. You’ll find a huge gallery of high definition images, free or against payment. With it you’ll be able to create a unique video!

Tawe gives you the possibility to realize unlimited projects, import and export them easily and synchronize them with all your mobile devices!

Try these services for free by clicking on the buttons below the videos!

Risorse per Presentazioni Video
Risorse per Presentazioni Video


Risorse per Presentazioni Video

With the help of GOANIMATE. COM making animated videos has never been so easy.
GOANIMATE gives a wealth of resources for video presentations. Do you have an idea and don’t know how to say it?
In GOANIMATE you will find a vast database. Just following few simple steps, in less than 5 minutes your idea will become a professional video, ready to be shared! With GOANIMATE, making a video presentation is within everyone’s reach. As their motto says… without headaches!
Discover more! Go to the website!

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YouTube for Business


With his book “YouTube for Business”, G. Gaudiano shows how to make videos go viral creating effective contents

You will find different resources for simple and effective video presentations. His ideas are new and fresh.

He tells himself: “There are some aspects of online video that not everyone has yet understood. We have the ability to create videos, publish them online and show them to people who don’t even know us. We can create new relationships based on the value that we can offer to others.”
“Your ability to listen, to relate, to create something beautiful and good for someone else is the real secret weapon that each of us has when we want to start publishing videos online.”

Risorse per Presentazioni Video
Risorse per Presentazioni Video