Explaining what determines the efficiency of our animated videos is one of the things we care most about. In a saturated and constantly evolving media context like the modern one, in fact, it is increasingly difficult to identify the most suitable channels of communication to ensure a fruitful relationship with your target audience.
As we have already seen when talking about communication strength of the videos compared to standard advertising,

Video Personalizzati

nimated presentations have a unique expressive power.

Thanks to their ability to perfectly combine images, audio and animation, they are able to develop concepts with a greater depth; this allows on the one hand to transmit content to a wider audience, and on the other hand to express a greater number of details and information.

The secret ingredient of video animations

Over and above all the aspects we have just mentioned, one, in our opinion, is of the greatest importance, to the point of playing a primary role in determining the level of success of an animated video.
We are talking about the level of personalisation you will choose for your video.

Video Personalizzati

You should know, in fact, that the animations called “white board”, so motion graphics and 2D cartoons give you the opportunity to adapt to your brand or product a whole range of details and features. It’s a bit like relying on a bespoke tailoring services: colour, style and much more turn into components on which you can unleash your imagination and make them as coherent as possible with your brand identity.

Video Personalizzati

The characters who take part in your story can have the physical characteristics, clothing and gestures that best suit your needs. The context in which they act can be a natural landscape, an office, the interior of a house, a car and much more.
Our graphics designer are experts in animated videos and can add symbols, icons, bullet points and keywords to reinforce the main concepts of your business idea.

And finally, you can select the background music from the many options available in our repertoire, as well as the perfect narrating voice from those of our professional speakers. All these options are included in our standard packages, which pick out images and animations within a large gallery of templates that will be customized at a later stage.

Animated videos 100% personalized? Yes, we can!

Besides the solutions offered by the standard packages, at Your Videoscribe we studied a “Gold” offer for the most demanding costumers who wants to reach the top level of personalisation. In other words, our graphics designers and illustrators will draw for you every sort of details you will consider necessary for your video.

Video Personalizzati



To show you the great difference in quality that distinguishes the two variants, below you will find a video made for one of our customers in both PREMIUM and GOLD versions.



As you may have noticed, the details of the characters, objects and animations reach levels of refinement and peculiarities that are truly unique. Video and storytelling become even more enjoyable to follow, taking your audience’s attention to a higher level. The end result will be amore intense memory of your video content and a greater interestin your company and in your products.

To receive all information about our types of videos and the various levels of customization that we have thought for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

You can find other examples of animated video in PREMIUM and GOLD versions here