To be effective a video needs an essential ingredient: it must be personalised. This is because its primary task is to express clearly the identity of your company, and communicate to your niche audience in a targeted and accurate manner.
Animated videos personalisation bases all his potential on this aspect and, conseguently, allows you to realize every scenery, character and sequence you have in your mind.

Do you need a sequence with an elephant dressed as a Superman in a spaceship?
If you had to make a real video, you should need a director and a set designer from Holliwood. Thanks to animated videos, instead, all this will come to truth without bothering Spielberg and, above all, you will do it with a low budget. Let’s find out together how it works and what are the real advantages of this great opportunity.

How and how much personalize your animated video

Excite, impress and catch audience’s attention are three fundamental aspects of your communication. They help you keep your audience engaged in your video and make sure that your messages are absorbed as much as possible. Speaking more specifically of animated video, they allow you to find images and graphic animations that talk to people easily, without diminishing or impoverishing your communication.

Every time we realize a new video, we face a new different situation. In fact, we move from simple projects for which you can use templates and images from our animation galleries, to 100% personalised solutions. In this second case, thanks to a professional team of graphics designers and illustrators, we manage to produce unique results. All you have to do is sending us a photo, an image or a detailed description about what you would like to insert in your video. Et voilà, we’ll take care of the rest.

From photo to drawing to personalized animated video

Fantasy, expertise and graphic processing software: Here are the three magical ingredients that allow us to create any kind of customized whiteboard. As you can see in the following examples, for the projects of these customers we had to completely redesign the rendering of customized images. By doing so, we were able to introduce its exact reproduction into the animated video, bringing realism, coherence of contents and effectiveness to the highest levels.

If you need to sell a product or a service that has to bedescribed and understood in every detail, choosing this solution is the best choice, without doubts. Of course, maximum customization means maximum yield: why, then, give up this opportunity? You will have at your disposal an illustrator able to draw all the details you want, maximizing the effectiveness of your whiteboard. Ask us now for more information about our personalisations, and we will be happy to show you everything we can do for you!