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Creating a video animation with a professional voice-over

Voice over   is the recording of a professional voice that explains the images or discusses the contents of the animated video. The voice-over is used for advertising video-descriptions, documentaries, video tutorials or corporate video presentations.

Professional Speaker for Video animated presentation

The importance of a professional voice in an animated video

Professional Speaker for Video animated presentation guarantees the recording of professional voice-over by experts in the field only. Thanks to the use of a simple and clear language, our speech will be able to capture the attention of the listener, allowing him to effectively acquire the messages transmitted. The quality and tone of the narrating voice ensure the willingness to listen by those who receive a message. If these two aspects fail, for example an inappropriate tone of voice or the poor quality of it, there is a risk of not listening.

In our video presentations, the professional voice-over uses the most advanced techniques. With impeccable clarity and fluidity we will take care to explain the products and services we offer in a precise and complete way. The effectiveness of the messages is guaranteed for all types of topics, even the most complex ones such as technical and scientific topics.

We can add a professional voice-over to your video animations. Our Vocalists will greatly enhance the quality of your video presentations.

Below are some examples of Your VideoScribe… Listen to them!


Italian Man VoiceOver


Italian Man VoiceOver


Italian Women Voicer Over


Italian Women Voicer Over


Italian Women Voicer Over


English Professional Voice Over


American Professional Voice Over


American Professional Voice Over


Voice Over Professionale Spagnolo


Voice Over Professionale Francese


German Voice Over


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