Commercial and radio advertising

La voce in un spot commerciale crea, da sola, il 90% del successo di un annuncio. Un tono di sorpresa, una risata, un pianto… tutti suoni che ci attraggono naturalmente e che ci trasmettono immediatamente concetti, idee, sogni. Per questo motivo in Presentazione Animata abbiamo il miglior voice over in italiano per i tuoi spot per la radio, la televisione e/o la diffusione nella rete.


Presentazioni aziendali con voice over in italiano professionale

The latest technologies have changed the way we communicate and accelerated our lifestyle. The net now involve us and what still separates us from many binary codes is human voice: safe or intimidated, surprised or curious… all these vibrations are capable of capturing and attracting attention for your enterprise or for your project of such an emotional form that the potential customer will have to finish seeing your video presentation.

Don’t waste your time! Use the few minutes you have to let yourself known!

Answering Machine

Una buona prima impressione è ciò sul quale tutti puntiamo per il primo appuntamento, per un’intervista di lavoro…
Sei arrivato a un punto nel quale la mole di lavoro ti costringe a utilizzare una segreteria telefonica? Complimenti! Ma, non perdere la qualità del contatto umano che puoi trasmettere e che é stato alla base del tuo successo.
Utilizza un voice over in italiano. Questo professionista della voce guiderà il tuo cliente come una perfetta “padrona di casa” soddisfacendo tutte le sue richieste.


E-learning and training courses

Who hasn’t been fascinated by a well-orchestrated speech by a great lawyer or political leader?
Whohas not attended the classroom of an enlightened professor?
What unites these examples is the charism and  form of communication of these successful people.
For this reason Your Videoscribe selects the best voice over Italian with a clear voice that accompanies your tutorials for business training. For your students it will be like attending a class with Albert Einstein!


Audio guides and audiobooks

Since ancient Greece the comedians were able to make people feel fear, happiness, sadness and any other emotion with an imperceptible change in the tone of voice.
A good actor helps making a book successful. Writers always choose a professional voice over at their book presentation. He will immerse the listener in the story. That’s exactly what we are creating in Your Videoscribe for your books, audio guide, poems and fairy tales.


Interactive guides

Visiting a museum, an archaeological area or a city is giving oneself the opportunity to discover the past, new cultures, new dreams… For this reason, to our staff it is essential to have a professional voice that transmits safety and competence as interactive guide to museums, archaeological sites and cities.


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