SEO for YouTube becomes more and more important every day. Why? Because videos are the most popular content on the web and the “home” of online videos is YouTube.
This social network, born in 2005, is the second most visited website in the world, with almost two billion visitors every month. The optimisation of video content is therefore essential to be reached by the right target audience.

YouTube SEO

We’ve already told you about how to optimize your videos for YouTube. With this article we offer you a series of tools to optimize your video strategy and get your successful place.

Tricks and tools to optimise your video strategy

Work on video keyword

For intercepting audience searches you must first of all choose the right topics. Do you know what video keywords are? They are those keywords that return also YouTube videos among Google results. These are mainly keywords that refer to tutorials, guides or instructions, and usually start with formulas like “how to”.

When you define your video strategy, take some time to search for the exact keywords to stand out in your field. Here they are a few tools that can help you.

The first, and most immediate, is the self-completion feature of the YouTube search bar. As on Google, when you start typing on YouTube you will see some suggestions. In this way you can get a first idea of the most searched words and understand what content to propose to the public.

Research Techniques SEO Youtube
Research Techniques SEO Youtube

There are then a set of external tools to help you with your keywords. is a tool that suggests keywords similar to the one you are looking for. It is available in both free and paid version: paying you will have access to a lot of advanced information, yet the basic version will help you a lot. Ubersuggest and Hypersuggest also offer a similar service. These are three very useful tools to find ideas for keywords and improve the SEO positioning of your YouTube channel.

Know your enemy: tools to “spy on” him

Knowing the right keywords for your business, however, is not enough. You also need to understand how your competitors behave. Monitoring competitors’ channels is part of the SEO strategy for YouTube. There are tools that help you.

First, start to analyze yourself, and with the“analytics” section of your channel you can study in depth the details of your activities. YouTube gives you a complete overview of the entire channel, including data on videos, likes and dislikes, views and statistics on visitors.
With tools like Vidiq or Rival IQ you can also view metrics from other YouTube channels. These are very powerful tools, but for a fee.

Don’t forget the importance of tags! Tags For YouTube is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to see the tags of each video, as was normal a few years ago, while TagsYouTube suggests the most suitable tags for the various keywords. Used together they will give you a complete overview of the best tags for your videos.

To get an idea of what the public is looking at on the platform, have a look at the general trends, as well. It’s always useful!

Appearance is everything

To improve the SEO and increase the engagement of your videos you must also take care of the aesthetics. If you present the videos at their best, visitors will immediately understand that they are quality content.
Canva is a free online graphics tool that allows you, among many other features, to create thumbnail for YouTube, ie the preview image of the videos. It provides graphics, fonts and images and is very easy to use.

Let’s come to the video, the heart of the whole strategy. There are tools that allow you to improve its appearance by working on the quality of the movie and adding special effects and graphics. The first one we suggest is Blender, a free editing tool that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Very easy to use, it also allows you to create 3D videos, animations and videogames.

If you work with a Mac, iMovie will become your best friend for video marketing. Intuitive, fast and versatile, iMovie is a perfect free tool for both beginners and advanced users.


With videos playing an increasingly important role on the web and in communication, taking first place in search results is the first goal of any successful strategy. We wanted to share with you some strategic tips that will help you to increase the value of your communication, and to better position the animated videos we will make for you. Contact us to discover the incredible potential of animated videos for your business goals.