The extreme versatility of animated videos makes them so effective, particular and personalizable. Their narrative power can be employed for various aim, not only for presenting a company or a product.
It exists a strong connexion between animated videos and storytelling because a video can tell, in few images, emotional stories that make you think and may inspire you.

We have an example: a project we particularly devote ourselves to. It is a particular task that we have accepted with enthusiasm, without thinking twice.
The video storytelling of the life of Fabrizio Vignali.

The Story of Fabrizio Vignali

Fabrizio contacted us to help him telling his story. In 2006 Fabrizio found himself dealing with a awkward partner: multiple sclerosis. In spite of fear and distress, he decided not to give up. At 41, he starts training again, with the same passion he had when he was a young boy practising athletics.

In a short time he began to compete in half marathons. He added cycling to the race and between 2009 and 2010 he won 1 European title and 2 Paralympic Duathlon World Championships. He felt he could give even more: he started swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea to face a new huge challenge.

In 2011 he joined for the first time to the International Triathlon in Bardolino (Pescara, Italy). That’s one of the most hard and famous triathlon races in the world, with more than 2.000 participants coming from 20 countries. Moreover, it doesn’t have a category dedicated to Paralympic athletes.
Fabrizio partecipated other three times, in 2012 and in 2014, always in less than three hours. >He never came in last.

From the story to the video

Fabrizio’s life is an incredible story of courage and determination. We were impressed by his motivation and his ability to never give up. As soon as he asked us to help him, we immediately got down to work. It was a great opportunity to prepare a video presentation that free the power of video storytelling.

When we have such rich and important stories, the greatest challenge is concentrating the message in few, essential step. Fabrizio told us about his successes in a freewheeling presentation, a flow of thoughts and considerations. He gave us all sorts of details. He explained what was important to him, his challenges and his reasons.

This was the starting point. We began working from this material, than we make him take an accurate questionnaire. Thanks to it, we determined the key steps to build our presentation. His answers were the basis for the script and the storyboard, which are the two first steps of all our work. We created the first drawings in whiteboard gold, to reach the top level of personalization. Step by step we came to conclusion.

As you can guess, it wasn’t simple. We worked a long time to find the right way to tell Fabrizio’s story.

Storytelling, in animated videos, requires strict schedule and ability to synthesize without never give up emotion,which, in this case, is the most important element. You have to find and keep the right tone of voice.

For Fabrizio, we have to concentrate years of fighting, hard training and success in few minutes. We’d like to convey a clear message, the same which inspires Fabrizio: never give up, illness can be overcome.

We think we got it, don’t you think? Watch the two animated videos about Fabrizio’ story and and tell us what you think about it!