On this page you will find REAL opinions and testimonials of people who used  our service successufully.

Pugni Malagò

Paolo Pugni, Pugni Malagò

Auto Usato Sicura

Christian Manganelli, Auto Usata Sicura


“Good job! You provide a very good service.You have always been available for any advice and you called or e-mailed for news. Entrepreneurs like me often have short timelines, so we tend to procrastinate. Instead, you have steadfastly continued to urge me. You can see that you care about your work and your customers.
Again, congratulations for your professionality”
Manuel Tricomi, Risarcire.it


“Good job! Since I published my animated video on social media there’s been a definite improvement  of my brand and an increse in turnover.

You are really smart. Keep up.   ”

Valerio Saltari, OroLive.it

Ergotel Car Web

“We are really happy and impressed by the final result: you understood clearly what we wanted! From the very first moment, the clear offer and the punctual answers convinced us to work with you. You also have an excepcional quality-price ratio. We are looking forward to make another video with you”
Fabio Porta, Ergotel Car Web

Il quindicinale

“You’re innovating and simple at the same time! We got a higher profile at once just by publishing the video on Facebook!””
Carlo de Bastiani, Il Quindicinale

EFFE Group Entertainment

“I subscribe to Your Videoscribe newsletter sometime ago to keep udated on video animation world. When I need to realize a video for the project that I was launching I had no doubt. I chose Your Videoscribe and I enjoied it. Once published, the video was functional to the purposes for which it was intended.It was a very positive experience”.
Francesco Campaniello, Effe Group Entertainment

Fortezza: Porte e Finestre

“I was lookig for a presentation tool for my products and I was impressed by Your Videoscribe website. It seems to me fast and practical. Just as it was fast and practical to make the video”.

Art of Business Italia

“We contacted you to realize an animated video that would make our company known and create contact opportunities. You managed to fully understand our idea and convert it into an animated video. We are satisfied with the service requested. The video is really nice. It helped us attracting 15 new contacts within the first month. We are thinking about making other animated videos”

Max Home

“I really love the video we made together. From the very first moment it has produced a conversion of information request. At the beginning this campaign was focus only on a few of our customers but now we are thinking about creating widespread campaign, because this type of videos has reach very positives results.”
Massimo Cassaro, Max Home - Easy Living

Fast and Fest

“We had to promote a new product and I wanted to do that in a different way, trying to capture the attention not in the classical way. We liked Your Videoscribe and from the very beginning we decided to trust their team for this project. The video they realize for us is really capturing and nice. It has fully achieved its goal, we can only be satisfied.”

Informa Plus

“We were looking for an innovative widespread tool to make known the content of the project “Informa Plus” and I ran into Your Videoscribe.com. I understood at once that an animated video is was exactly what I was looking for. I’m happy about the result: we used the video in some events and we received many positive feedbacks. We are going to use this method in the webpage of our territory Regione Piemonte and of some project partners”

Swapp Engineering

“We wanted a straightforward and focused video. We wanted to make clear a complex issue, such as our product, through a video animation. As we haven’t a colleague who could do it, we turned to Your Videoscribe. Just for now, the video has been made accessible only to a limited audience, but anyway, this is a good experience. The video make people understand what we were talking about. We are happy with the final result”

Andrea Paterniali , SWAPP engeneering

Invoice Market

“I take care of the online advance payment of the invoices for SMEs. I had the idea of making a video that would explain how safe and fast our service is. I chose Your Videoscribe because it seemed to me to be the most organized of all, then I got confirmation. The video is great and I really liked the fact that several reviews were made according to my needs.”

Giulio Santoni, Invoice Market

Voci nell’Ombra

“In our opinion, the product was ideal. The excellent result was the result of joint work. This video has the advantage of being adaptable to other contest because it has no space-time reference. We will use it to promote our second exhibition, as well, the dobbing festival Voices in the Darkness (Voci nell’Ombra). Moreover, thanks to this video we brought out the voices of two talented girls who are studying dubbing. We can’t help but be satisfied”
Tiziana Voarino, Voci nell'Ombra

Condominio Advisor

“We listened to the interview that Your Videoscribe founder had, together with Giulio Gaudiano, on the podcast Digital Strategy. We thought that a video presentation will be the right choice to get a higher profile on our gateway www.condominioadvisor.it  We really appreciate that the video has been customized according to our needs. We are happy with the final result.”

Andrea De Amicis, Condominio Advisor


“I decided to use a video presentation as an alternative to the traditional newsletter. I obtained what I was looking for and with a excellent quality/price ratio! “
Tito Trovato, Bidhol

Studio Tecnico Progenia

“I saw a video on Your Videoscribe Facebook Page and I liked it so much that I contacted them immediately! They convinced me since the very first moment, thanks to their ideas and their helpfulness. Now I can advertise my activity thanks to an original and innovating presentation! “

Nicola Cavarretta, Studio Tecnico Progenia

Studio Quagliotti

“I had been planning to make a video for a while, but I didn’t know how to do it. Then I found Your Videoscribe and I really liked the organization. My indications were taken into consideration and the video is just as I expected! “
Tullio Quagliotti, Studio Quagliotti

On Wave Net

“The service proposed by Your Videoscribe did the trick. We didn’t have to look somewhere else, it was exactly what we were looking for! The Cartoon 2D is as I expected to be, people like it and it has thousend of viewers. You have met my needs! “
Luca Cervellera, OnWaveNet


“I chose Your Videoscribe because I wanted to increase my customer base and make me known. I’m really satisfied. The video, published in our  You Tube channel, allows us to have new contacts in just few days!”
Paolo Belardi, Assifabbricati

Subito Bagno

“We wished to promote our new service and increase our contacts. We saw YourVideoscribe website. It looks well done, with video examples right as we wanted. The reliability and the professional background of the people we talked with convinced us to trust them.  We really like the video. We published it on our website, on Facebook and on other social-media.”
Alessandro, Subito Bagno

PC Senza Problemi

“I wanted an idea to present my company at its best that wasn’t the usual powerpoint. In particular I wanted a video animation. When I found YourVideoscribe, I immediately got in touch with them and on the same day I went to visit them in their offices near Milan. Young and really good people. Videos not only appeal to me, but above all to my customers!”
K. Peplonski, PC Senza Problemi


“For the launch of our startup we needed to make a video to explain our service in 90 seconds.
Looking on the internet we have found several possibilities. But only Your Videoscribe.com gave us the technical telephone support we needed. They have made all the required changes and now we are very satisfied with the video. A highly professional product, it definitely worth more than what we paid for”

Antonio Cimmino, Nexcod


“We are a startup and needed to make a video to promote our app.
We wanted to show how useful our app could be but also what it didn’t do to avoid being contacted by people not interesting to us.
Thanks to the good offer, we had no hesitation in working with YourVideoscribe.com. The video was delivered on schedule. Now we have a perfect video for our marketing.
Thank you again for what you have done.”

A.Sharma, Brifway

Il Fido Custode Project

“We needed to increase the effectiveness of our corporate communication. Looking on the internet I liked Your Videoscribe.com. The kindness and courtesy of the staff, added to an excellent quality/price ratio were the perfect mix we were looking for. We are fully satisfied with the video produced.”


“Thank you for your professionalism and good work, we will update as soon as possible for a second video animation.”
Daniele Abenavoli, SanaSanitas

L’arte di Abitare Project

“We were looking for an interactive way to attract our potential customers.
Your video animations are very professional. They arouse curiosity. That’s allows us to convey all our message to customers and make sure that they will remember it over time.  You’re going the right way!

Made in Italy School

“We wanted to supplement our communication for joining the course by putting our strengths in one minute. With a video we’ve concentrated everything we have in many pages of the blog. Among the various companies we contacted you seemed to us the most reliable. We were not wrong. The video is very professional and made on time.”
Elisa Pittori, Made in Italy School

Barbagli Telelettura

“In the end, we found how to communicate our new product in an effective way. More than recommended.”

Claudio Gori, Barbagli

Arcaini Consulenze

“I chose YourVideoscribe.com to make an unusual advertisement. I found great professionalism, friendliess and welcome. Really a good job”
Michele Arcaini, Arcaini Consulenze

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