The Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

On this page you can find opinions and REAL testimonials of those who have successfully used our animated video presentations.

Swapp Engineering

“We wanted a video that would be immediate and would hit the target right away. We wanted to make a complex subject like our product understandable through the use of video animation. Not having a qualified person in our internal we turned to Your Videoscribe. For the moment the video has been made available only to a small audience but the experience is positive. The video gave to those who saw it the awareness of the subject and we are happy with the final result.

SWAPP engeneering - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeAndrea Paterniali , SWAPP engeneering


“The videos that Your Videoscribe created for us are amazing!
They allow us to explain the advantages and technical features of our products in a fun, simple, and effective way.
We are using the videos in our daily communication with our customers and they love them as much as we do!
If you want a video animation that will be remembered, and that will make your customers’ number increase we definitely recommend to contact the team from Your Videoscribe!”

Sunmaster LOGO - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeS. Zeng, Sunmaster
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe


“We relied on Your Videoscribe to make a video presentation for us that could make us stand out from the competition; in a simple and entertaining way the video describes our brand and our values keeping the attention of the customers glued to the screen.
We are very satisfied with the video and think of entrusting other projects to YourVideoscribe in the future.”
Amerisolar LOGO - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeM.G. Porcedda, Amerisolar
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

PC Senza Problemi Project

“I wanted an idea to present my company at its best that wasn’t the usual powerpoint. In particular I wanted a video animation. When I found PresentazioneAnimata, I immediately got in touch with them and on the same day I went to visit them in their offices near Milan. Young and really good people. Videos not only appeal to me, but above all to my customers!”
computer - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeK. Peplonski, PC Senza Problemi
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Nexcod Project

“For the launch of our startup we needed to make a video to explain our service in 90 seconds.
Looking on the internet we found several possibilities. But only gave us the technical phone support we needed. They kindly made all the required changes and now we are very satisfied with the video made. A highly professional product, certainly worth more than what we paid for.”
Nexcode - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeAntonio Cimmino, Nexcod
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Brifway Project

“We are a startup and needed to make a video to promote our app.
We wanted to make others understand how useful our app could be and also what it didn’t do to avoid being contacted by people not interesting to us.
Thanks to the good offer we had no hesitation working with PresentazioneAnimatata. it. The video was delivered on schedule and now we have a perfect video for our marketing.
Thank you again for what you have done.”
LogoBW - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeA.Sharma, Brifway
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Il Fido Custode Project

“We needed to increase the effectiveness of our corporate communication. Looking on the internet I liked the video presentationanimata. it. The kindness and courtesy of the staff, added to an excellent value for money ratio were the perfect mix we were looking for. We are fully satisfied with the video produced.”
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Sanasanitas Project

“Thank you for your professionalism and good work, we will update as soon as possible for a second video animation.”
Sanasanitas - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeDaniele Abenavoli, SanaSanitas
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

L’arte di Abitare Project

“We are looking for a way that attracts our potential customers more interactively than classic videos.
Your video animations are very professional and manage to convey a sense of curiosity that allows you to convey all our message to customers and make sure that if they remember it over time, you’re right in the right way!”

Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Elio Green Power

“We have only recently started using video presentations and thanks to these we have multiplied the conversion rate in a very short time. For us, they are an excellent tool for communicating directly and clearly.”

Sheenly - Testimonials of YourVideoScribeLaura, Sheenly
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe
Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

Your Videoscribe is for years at the service of those who, like you, are looking for an alternative, effective and direct way to promote their brand and business. The testimonies of our customers are full of pride and are synonymous with professionalism and compentence for us. The professional videos we have produced have greatly improved the level of communication and persuasion of different companies. With Animated Presentation videos, you can increase your audience, reach new customers and implement an innovative marketing strategy, overtaking your competitors in the race. Enter the future of promotions with Your Videoscribe!
We like to make customers happy and they love our videos.
Read yourself to believe

Testimonials of YourVideoScribe

If you need an animated video presentation for your company Contact us now and your marketing will have an extra march!