Video Production: A Primary Need for Business

Why choose a video animation? The evolution of infographics has led to the growth of multimedia technologies. And thanks to the development of these technologies, people are today bombarded by different and continuous stimuli and information, every day. In this fast-moving, ever-changing world, consumers simply don’t have time to read static banners and advertisements.

In order for your announcements to have a visibility beyond the ocean of information that compete for the attention of your target customers, your announcements should stand out. To do so they must be dynamic and have the ability to immediately intercept the audience. It is not enough for the current business to be equipped only with static or printed banners. For this reason, turning to a video editor becomes a primary necessity for the business. Producing a video animation may seem expensive compared to printed ads, but its benefits far outweigh its costs.
So why invest in corporate video for your business? Next, Your Videoscribe shows you some of the “magic” a video animation can do for your company.

A video animation is far more effective at attracting new customers than other advertising systems.

A few seconds of video presentation can pass much more information than any text. The first 3 seconds of an animated video are key in capturing the attention of the target customer. The following seconds are decisive in directing attention. Undoubtedly, the results are much easier to achieve with a video animation than with printed material.

The real challenge, then, is to get the attention of the visitor in the short span of 15 seconds.

The video animation is the new frontier of communication and marketing. Through an emotional involvement it is able to capture the attention already from the first frames and to better convey the message we want to send.

It is an effective way to define the label

It all begins with an important organ of human anatomy: the brain. The brain processes images much faster than texts. And the combination of image, sound and animation offers the opportunity to establish a connection with the audience, in a way that static announcements can’t achieve.

Young people want information quickly

In the age of Google, new generations are impatient. They want quick, accurate and clear information. They prefer to watch a 5-minute animated video that gives them all the information they need rather than spending 5 minutes (or more!) reading.

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