Making advertisements that bring real results to your company is now a mission impossible. Video animation and traditional banners: who will win?

The fact that communication has changed has long been a fact of life. Becoming aware of this only today unfortunately means lagging behind, since many companies have already adapted to the new strategies.

Therefore, it is time to take remedial action, and quickly. If you can’t burn the competition with speed, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the race, and today we’ll explain why.

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Traditional banners, the end of an era

Yes, the era of “old-fashioned” advertising, made up of commercials, walking ADs and self-celebratory advertisement is now obsolete.
These techniques worked quite well in the past, when mass advertising shot content non-stop at the indistinct crowd. It was the time of consumerism, the economic growth years: everyone ran where advertising called, following on the heels the belief that “if television says it, it must be true”.

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Then Internet came to burst bubbles. Slowly people stopped tolerating this constant rain of advertisements, all identical and addressed to an indistinct mass of people. That old way of promoting, which tried to sell a product by singing its praises, puts the word “end” to its career today.
But what can entrepreneurs like you do? Simple, start offering solutions to the problems and desires of your customers, and make them understand that you know their needs: this is the new frontier of marketing.

The great strength of animated presentations

That video animations are able to successfully stimulate people’s emotions and curiosity is a fact that we already mentioned. In comparison with dear old advertisements, they certainly have an extra kick called visual storytelling.

They tell a story, and they do so through simple, funny, and dynamic images. They are also rich in text, voice, graphics and sound messages.

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In addition to this, an accurate study of the content to be transmitted was made, like a tailored dress, it will have to fit like a glove only on a certain type of audience.
As you can see, we are far from the time of mass communication, and this is the real step change that many companies still struggle to make. If you want to see concrete results, you have to abandon marketing strategies, and start building a form of a real dialogue with your customers: listening to their needs, offering solutions, telling the benefits and collecting feedback.

In conclusion…

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Video animations, compared to classical promotional announcements, have the great advantage of helping you establish a deep, emotional and efficient relationship with your audience.
Because of their very nature, they position themselves far from the classic formal, institutional and detached communication.

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While maintaining a professional tone of voice, the video animations are able to tell your products and services putting themselves, in a way, on the same level as your audience. In this way, your messages become immediately more effective and genuine, breaking down every barrier and sense of distance between the company and your customers. If you think that the time has come for your business to take a step forward and change the type of communication, do not wait until tomorrow: contact us now and create with us your next animated video!