Promoting the publication of a new book on the web often leads to the use of classic standard channels: press office, social media, community, etc.

However, there is a new possibility that allows you to increase your readers’curiosity. Let’s discover together the video book review and how to use it at its best.

The importance of online reviews

Users have become less passive when they purchase something thanks to, among others, the richness of valuable information that can be found on the web. Information, technical details, advices, opinions and industry forums can be compared to a faithful compass that guides consumers to discover the best proposals on the market.

This attitude is particularly successful in the world of the publishing industry.


Whether it is a paper book or an e-book, reading enthusiasts are now very demanding, always looking for the best texts and the most relevant authors for their interests.
Therefore, one of the main strategic moves that you must consider when you launch your book is accompanying it with some reviews. Don’t forget, however, that the web world is overloaded with content, and that users have rather low levels of attention. It is precisely on this subject that video animations come into play, as a new support in the creation of effective and stimulating video book reviews.

Animations, the new frontier for video book reviews

In addition to classic textual reviews, a new promotion method has arise, due to the rapid rise of visual communication and visual storytelling. Video book review is nothing more than a launch video for an outgoing product. Thanks to it, you can describe book details not only in words, but also through images.

Animations, in this sense, represent the edge of effectiveness. They are able to express messages in a creative, original and easy- to -understand way, without ever getting boring. Thanks to a focused scriptwriting and storyboard-writing, it is possible to create visual stories that are extremely customised according to the product, the target audience and the sales objectives.

Compared to a trailer video made in a movie-making way , video book reviews are more dynamic and lively, and offer a better value for money. They are also able to communicate a lot of messages and information in just a few minutes, through the use of graphic animation.

Books and video animations: a creative combination

When we found ourselves having to make our first video book reviews, we immediately realized the incredible potential of this duo. Books, just like animation, has a strong effect on user imagination and attraction. To be effective, the messages communicated must point straight to the heart, stimulate reflection and generate empathy.

To be effective, the messages transmitted must point straight to the heart, stimulate reflection and generate empathy.

Entrusting a book review to an animated video , therefore, means doubling the effectiveness and intensity of your communication. Illustrating a book through the production of original and creative animation will help your readers feel involved and willing to buy.
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