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Video Presentations to

Can I introduce my e-commerce with an animated video?
Yes, you can.

Purchase habits are changing. E-commerce is a booming industry. In 2018, global online sales grew by 18% compared to the previous year (Global ecommerce sales grow 18% in 2018, Jessica Young | Jan 21, 2019,

Kevin Cochrane, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Customer Experience says in an interview with Ecommerce Foundation “…with millennials becoming a larger segment in the market and digital channels being their default channels for buying (and everything else), digital buying experiences will continue to improve.”
(2018 Global Ecommerce Report , Ecommerce Foundation, ).

A video presentation for each type of e-commerce

Global Family Service is a portal for families that rewards online shopping and allows you to accumulate points – family coin – by shopping on a number of partner sites. These points can then be reused to buy goods and services in the Family Shop, Global Family Service’s e-commerce. To present this interesting savings system we have created a 2D cartoon.

Global Family Service is a gateway addressed to families that allows to accumulate points -family coins- purchasing on partner websites. These points can be used to buy goods and services on the Family Shop, the e-commerce of Global Family Service. To show how this interesting saving system works, we realized a cartoon 2D.

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An e-commerce to do good

For the project Gifts in solidarity of CIAI, the Italian Children’s Aid Center, we have instead created a whiteboard animation.

Regali Solidali is a special e-commerce. It allows you to buy on behalf of other people. You can offer something useful to someone’s in need on behalf of someone you love. A cow, school books, a first-aid kit, a baby bottle: whatever you choose, CIAI project will give a hand to children, mothers and families in every corner of the world. You will fulfill simple dreams and improve the quality of life.

In our video presentation we wrote the story of a young man who doesn’t know what to give his girlfriend as a gift. Then he chooses a solidary gift.

With two examples of this kind we were able to tell you how animated presentations are suitable for all types of e-commerce.
Whether you have to promote a savings portal for families or a store with supportive purposes, a video animation is always the best way to present yourself on the market.

Motion graphic, Cartoon 2D
or Whiteboard animation?

You have probably noted that in our examples we referred to some techniques we used in our animated videos. We use different styles according to the project: motion graphic 3D, cartoon 2D and whiteboard animation.

Cartoon 2D

Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphic

There is no general rule to choose the perfect video presentation. It depends on your target. There are different elements to take into consideration. Budget plays a significant role, but it’s even more important to know exactly what message you want to communicate and how.

What are the advantages of video presentations?

The animated presentations allow you to speak clearly and concisely, to attract and keep the attention of the audience. visual storytelling, the art of storytelling through images, is now the most effective and impactful means of communication, and it also works for the real estate market.

With the right animated presentation you can tell stories and talk directly to your typical customer to give advice and reassure them. Not only that: even a cooler and more impersonal communication, like an infographic on the market trend, can become involving and, why not, be fun with a whiteboard animation.

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