Video Presentations to

Video Presentations to

Can I introduce my startup with an animated video?
Yes, you can.

If you are in startup world, you have surely realized how hard it is making the public understand the news you are introducing.
Successful companies are often based on simple ideas. The complex part is making them known.
What’s the best way to do that?

Don’t underestimate video presentations! They are the ideal tool to communicate on the web and social networks and they can capture audience’s attention in very few seconds, no matter how complex your issue is.

Present your Project with a Video

In order to present your startup rely on a preparation similar to the one you thought for your company identity. Bear in mind that the market is full of competitors that try to stand out. To catch someone’s eye, you must be able to anticipate the trends.
Find the best way to get noticed at first glance.

A video show to your public the key part of your business: it shows your skills, highlights your creativity and establish a strong bond with your public at once.

From the combination of images, videos, graphics, voice and texts you can create your own presentation with greater efficiency than any other tool.

A study by James McQuivey, one of the most important researchers on applied science on marketing, proved that one-minute video has the same power of one million eight thousand words. In other words, in 60-seconds video well done you can have the same result as one book words.

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How a Video presentation
can help a Startup

When you prepare your presentation you have to take in account many different elements, from the technical realization to the contents. The most important of all, actually, is the point of view.
Don’t forget that your video don’t talk just about you and your products, but explain to the viewer what you can do for him, as well. To get it, try to put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes:
What are they looking for?
What can I do for them?

Do not focus only on getting new clients. Think about the Buyer’s Journey stages, the steps that the customer faced before purchasing. Your presentation don’t have to say “Choose my startup because it’s better than others”, but “I know what you need and that’s what I can do to help you”.

Every day your potential customers are surrounded by offers from companies that could be your competitors. Each of them will produce different information materials, including graphics, flyers, social posts, newsletters, and who knows how many other content to get noticed.
All documents that require the attention and time of the public, because the potential customer must read, understand and store them.

With a whiteboard animation you will have a valuable and interesting content, able to get noticed and, above all, remember. It will be your best business card!

Motion graphic, Cartoon 2D
or Whiteboard animation?

You have probably noted that in our examples we referred to some techniques we used in our animated videos. We use different styles according to the project: motion graphic 3D, cartoon 2D and whiteboard animation.

Cartoon 2D

Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphic

There is no general rule to choose the perfect video presentation. It depends on your target. There are different elements to take into consideration. Budget plays a significant role, but it’s even more important to know exactly what message you want to communicate and how.

What are the advantages of video presentations?

As you can see, animated videos can help you to reach your target, no matter what type of startup. Invoice Market and Whawhì are all specialized companies. They address to a limited number of really interested potential clients.

With the right animated presentation you can tell stories and talk directly to your typical customer to give advice and reassure them. Not only that: even a cooler and more impersonal communication, like an infographic on the market trend, can become involving and, why not, be fun with a whiteboard animation.

If you want to show up your startup on the market, contact us now. We will create together the best video presentation for your company.