Making a video animation that is able of generating the right involvement is the desire of everyone who believes in the power of video marketing. If you’re not sure what the ideal length of your videos is, you’d better read this article (and then ask yourself the right questions).


When you talk about the ideal length of a video, what usually happens is that you soon end up thinking about statistics and numbers. You’ve probably heard that the user’s average attention falls immediately after the first eight seconds of visualisation. You also probably have read that the duration of the best performing videos on YouTube is around three minutes.

The conclusion, therefore, would seem rather obvious.

Does a short video always win?


Answering this question is not so easy. That’s not because complex explainations are needed, but because the question has been put in the wrong way.

There is no doubt that modern users prefer short content that goes to the heart of the matter.

This applies not only to video animations, let’s be clear, but also to blog articles. The people of the web has little attention, short time and billions of information to face every day. Today, for example, a person can keep up to date on a particular topic through videos, socials and blogs from all over the world.

All with a few clicks.
In such a chaotic and overcrowded communication environment, it is undeniable that short and concise messages have more possibilities than longer ones.

However, the question you should be asking yourself, in fact, should not be about your videos’ length.


The right questions for a successful animated video

Trying to overturn the scenario, you’ll find out that actually the length of your video is not a question but, rather, an answer. What you should actually ask yourself, in fact, is contained in these two points:

What is the information that your users are looking for?

What kind of answer do you think you want to give?

There are thousands of possible insights into each topic. When you decide to deal with a certain topic, the first thing you should confirm is not how long you talk about it, but what users expect to find. Putting the needs of your audience at the centre of your communication strategies is always the winning card, even in the case of videos. Do not forget this.


So coming back to the first question: let us assume that people are looking for someone who can explain to them in depth how to do something they think is important. Well then in this case it is certain that they’ll enjoy long videos as well, as long as they’re rich in value and support. If, on the other hand, what they need is just a little healthy entertainment, or details that don’t require too many words, be as concise as you can.


If you want to make a video that presents your services on a dedicated landing page, for example, try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes : how much information do you need to give in order to generate trust, clarify doubts and encourage people to contact your company? To answer this question, first of all, you need to have your target audience in mind: who they are, what they are looking for, what they expect from you, how well they are informed about the reference subject.

Once you have identified your user’s needs, the game returns into your hands, and here we move on to the second question. You may decide to respond with a 60-90-second video that knows how to intrigue or amuse: short duration, high emotional involvement and, most likely, limited in-depth analysis. If, on the other hand, you want to focus on providing accurate and detailed information, don’t be afraid to extend the length of your videos. In this case, you just need to be careful to keep a high interest throughout the duration.

It is for this reason that, before making the script for a video animation, we always ask our customers to describe the purpose and the target audience. Only in this way we can achieve specific results that are always tailor-made.

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