What do we mean for company identity? We can say that is your business card, in other words, the way you present yourself at the first meeting. At the first meeting, the first impression is very important because decisions are made in a split second.

For this reason, it is essential to have a well-defined brand identity. In this sense, graphic and visual impact plays a key role.

Customer must remember you and be impressed. But what’s the best way to stand out? Today we suggest you an innovative and high-impact solution: a video presentation.

A market satured with information

Emerge on the market is not easy, we already talked about it. No matter what your activity is, competitors are always many. Too many. Finding the right audience can require a long time. The, it is essential to make understand what you can offer.

How? Present yourself with few key words and a unique image that leave its mark. Say who you are and what you can offer, compared to your competitors. In digital market showing off is harder and harder. Logos, grafics, photos: just open a webpage and you will be swamped with visual imputs. We are overrun by every sort of stimulus. Instead of putting yourself in the same flow, we suggest you to anticipate trends and stand out.

According to experts, within the 2022 videos will be more than 80% of web traffic. Even now, 3 hours of video contents are downloaded every second. It means 400 hours in a minute, more than half a million every day!
We already told you that videos have a stronger communicate power than traditional advertisements. Against the constant spreading of video content on the web, it is essential starting thinking seriously about making a name of itself on the market.

Stand out with a video presentation

We said that a well defined company identity is essential. Playing in advance is the strategy that always leads to the best results. Our advice is showing up trough a video presentation. Animated video has a bigger impact than traditional ones. This impact will increase more and more. The combination of images, audio, texts and animated sections allows you to add depth and effectiveness to the concept you want to express.

Clearness and synthesis. These are animated videos’main features. A brief animated video impress the audience thanks to a content that stimulate one’s attention (a scientific data we had already analysed) and guarantees a high level of social shares, arriving to a wider audience.

And don’t forget that companies that rely their communication on videos show up in web researches four times more than brands that rely only on texts.

Entrusting your corporate video to an animated video guarantees you the top level of personalization of your message. You can adapt to your business all details you need with a video, representing you at 100%.

Thanks to a video presentation you can talk to your public with a straightforward and lighter tone of voice. So you will communicate your company identity in a more successful way, reducing the gap between company and customers.
Future is coming. If it’s your turn to show off on the market, contact us right now. We will study together the perfect solution for your brand identity!